Door to door air cargo to Pakistan

Door to door air cargo to Pakistan

Global warming is no longer something that you debate for awhile and forget. It has become a gigantic reality and all global leading companies are slowly waking up to the fact that unless they do something about it, this is not going to get better Door to door air cargo to Pakistan.

The international air freight companies all over the world contributed about 7% to the total carbon emissions measured in 2006, which has put pressure on them to do something about the problem. It is high time that every air cargo freight shipping company and cargo airline commits to working for and not against the environment.

Dubai cargo agents are  international air freight companies are in the middle of the environmental protection controversies; they have agreed and have announced that they will enter into an agreement to contribute compulsorily for projects that protect the environment all over the world Dubai cargo agents.

The amount that is earmarked for this purpose has not been fixed, though the agreement stipulates that it should be proportionate to the number of freight services that each cargo airline offers. Europe organized and spearheaded its efforts through the Kyoto Protocol Agreement, which states that the participating countries are committed to bringing down the carbon emission by 2012. USA was conspicuous by its absence at this momentous event.

It is encouraging to learn that the Door to door air cargo to Pakistan, which form a good part of the global mega companies, are at last taking environmental things seriously. However, is this enough?

Door to door air cargo Pakistan

Door to door air cargo to Pakistan

Many feel that it would be much better if each of these major and minor cargo airlines committed themselves to control the level of pollution they emit and set strict rules against pollution. This would have a rippling effect in checking the carbon emissions since the demand for air cargo services is on the rise.

Door to door air cargo to Pakistan required from the international air freight companies is not a handout for green projects, but a direct, full heated and committed approach to see that there is no further damage to the already ailing environment. While the agreement to keep aside a percentage of the overall profits for environmental protection projects is definitely a step in the right direction, much more is expected from the air cargo companies all over the world.

As the use and need for cargo airlines is on the rise, unless there is a concerted effort to bring about changes inside and outside the operational areas, there is very little hope for our planet. Pacts, such as the Kyoto Protocol Agreement, are a wonderful way to show how much these mammoth companies care and are doing towards the “greener earth” objective.


Door to door air cargo to Pakistan

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